Version Control

Pixelapse securely stores a history of every design iteration, seamlessly as you work.

Cross-Platform Sync

Pixelapse works wonderfully through the native desktop app as well as third-party services.


Working with others to produce beautiful design forms the heart of collaboration in Pixelapse.

Project Workflow

Every top-level directory in Pixelapse forms a project, the basic unit of collaboration.


Real time across the app ensures that everyone is always on the same page.


Pixelapse works great for individuals but even better for teams.

Fine Grained Permissions

Restrict access to projects with granular permission control.

Design Toolbelt

A series of tools to assist with the designer to developer hand off process.

Extensive File Support

Pixelapse supports a wide array of filetypes including most wireframing and design tools.


Pixelapse helps bring designers together.

Intelligent File Handling

Pixelapse is built from the ground up to handle files intelligently.

User Experience

You'll be delighted with the little touches tucked around the app.